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Stuff named Guenther (or Gunter)

Item Description When Where
Gunter Sail Rig Gunter Rig

Tall sail rig for small boats. Originally used in Britain in the 1870's, a vertical gaff-like mast extends the main mast. Still used on some small boats, such as Klepper Folding Boats, because the rig stores within the boat ready for use.

The sail is tightly bound to the top (thin) mast, and loosely bound to the main mast. The topmast, along with the sail, can slide down and fold at the base of the mast. To dump the sail, the topmast is lowered down the main mast, gathering the sail at the base. The entire rig can then be lifted out, wrapped in the sail, and laid inside the boat.

Ca 1870's UK
Gunters Surveying tools
        Gunter quadrant
        Gunter skale
        Gunter line
        Gunter chain

Navigational time and postion measuring device
Surveyor's slide rule
Logarithmic line on Gunter's scale
Surveyor's measure, 66 ft long, basis of much early surveying in the US (80 chains per US mile, 10 chains per city block).
17th century see Edmund Gunter
Guenther House Restaurant, formerly the residence of Carl Hilmar Guenther, founder of Pioneer Flour. 1859 San Antonio, TX
Guenther Haus In the central part of Oldenburg I saw a building with "Graf Günther" over the door. ? Oldenburg
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