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Famous Guenthers
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The Famous or Infamous

Name Claim to fame When Where
Agnes Günther, nee Breuning Author, known for her romance novel "Die Heilige und ihr Narr" (The Holy One And Her Fool).July 21, 1863 - Feb 16, 1911
Anton Günther Theologian, Jesuit Novice (1822-24), Censor in Vienna (to 1848); Founder of the peculiar philosophy "Güntherianismus", which sought use anthropology to prove that Catholic dogma was a science, thus proving that Revelations was in agreement with reason (this philosophy was denounced at the Papal Court). Main thesis: "Vorschule zur spekulativen Theologie des Christentums" (Preschool to the speculative theology of Christianity), 2nd Ed, 1848. Nov 17, 1783 - Feb 24, 1863 Austria
Bruno Günther Photographer of picture postcards Early 1900's Marienwerder, Westpreußen
Carl Hilmar Guenther Entrepreneur, Master millwright, emigrated to the USA 1848.
  Guenther's Live Oak Mill -Fredericksburg, TX, 1851.   Texas Historical Site.
  C.H. Guenther's Pioneer Mill, San Antonio, TX, 1859.   Texas Historical Site
  Carl Hilmar Guenther House, 1860, + 1880, + 1915, restored 1988   National Register of Homes.
  C.H. was instrumental in establishing the King William district in San Antonio.
  (suggested by Becky Schuerman, Texas)
1826 - 1902 Texas
Clemens Günther Photographer of picture postcards Late 1800's Altenburg, Thüringen
Dorothee Günther Author, Gymnast, co-founded the "Guenther School for Gymnastics, Music, and Dance" (Güntherschule) with C. Orff. Oct 8, 1896 - Sept 18, 1975 Bavaria
Edmund Gunter, Rev. Professor of astronomy, Gresham College, London.
  Invented Gunter's quadrant, Gunter's scale, Gunter's line, Gunter's chain (see Stuff).
1581-1626 London
Egon Günther Film director and Author; among others: "Lots Weib" (1965), "Erziehung vor Verdun" (1973), "Lotte in Weimar" (1975), "Die Leiden des jungen Werthers" (1976), "Exil" (1981), "Morenga" (1985), "Heimatmuseum" (1988), "Stein" (1991), and "Die Braut" (1999). Mar 30, 1927 - DDR
Grant Guenther One of many Linux unsung developers. Created many of the parallel port device drivers for the current Linux distributions, including the parallel port drivers for removeable storage. He also wrote 10,000 lines of code in the Linux kernel. Current Ontario, Canada
Gunther von Pairis Poet, Cleric; wrote poetic stories of crusades and court stories from the point of view of the powerful. 1150 - 1210
Gundahar, or Gunther (Gunnar in Nordic legends) Legendary Burgundian king from the Germanic "Heldensage" (literally "hero lengend"), which tells of the demise of the Burgundians through a family feud (Nibelungenlied). Gundahar (or Gundikar), conquered and killed by Aetius' Hun mercenaries. ca 413 in the area of Worms
Gundhareus (latin for Gundar or Gunther) Possibly the earliest known ancestor of the Schwarzburg clan, whose predominant name was Guenther. He was mentioned in a letter found in Bonifacius' collection, penned by Pope Gregor II, who had said that Gundhareus, a property owner, had recently converted to Chritianity. ca. 722 Near Ohrdruf, Thüringen (founded as Abbey in 724 by by Bonifatius).
Hans Friedrich Karl Günther Scientist; provided the Nazis with a "theoretical" basis for their racism, with his simplified, and ideologically tainted, racial "scientific" papers ("Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes", 1928). Feb 16, 1891 - Sept 25, 1968
Horst Günther, Prof. Dr. Editor for Brockhaus, where I stole a lot of this information. contemporary Germany
Ignaz Günther Sculptor; master of Bavarian Rokoko, mostly for religious clients. Nov 22, 1725 - Jun 28, 1775 Munich
Johann Christian Günther Poet, lyrics to love-, student-, and blues-ballads about his time. Apr 8, 1695 - Mar 15, 1723 Striegau (Strzegon), died in Jena
Matthäus Günther Painter; Wall and ceiling frescos in south-German Rokoko buildings. Sept 7, 1705 - Sep 30, 1788 South Germany
Otto Günther Photographer, publisher of picture postcards Early 1900's Dresden
Siegmund Günther Mathematician and Geographer, Professor at the Technische Hochschule zu München, wrote various Geography texts. 6 Feb, 1848 - ?? Bavaria
Von unbekannten Guenthern hinterlassen 
Union City, NJ Celebrates "Guenther Day" on November 8. NJ, USA Tip from Harold Guenther.
Patterson, NJ First Silk dying process (in Patterson?) credited to an unknown Guenther. NJ Also from Harold G.
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