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Guenther Nobility
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Blue-blooded Guenthers

Some day I may dedicate an entire page to the Schwarzburg clan. For now I'll keep them here, as the majority of Nobles named Günther (Günther was their lead name for more than 1100 years). Although the clan died out completely in 1971, they had lost their last Günther decades earlier.

Name Claim to fame When Where
Duke Ernst GŁnther, of Schleswig-Holstein, Brother of Empress Auguste Viktoria, Member of the ruling Prussian House, married Princess Dorothea von S.-Coburg-Gotha. 1898 born 11. Aug. 1863, Schleswig-Holstein
Count Carl Günther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Nov 6, 1576 - Sept 24, 1630
Count Günther XL "The Rich"; Combined most of the Schwarzburgian territories. 1499 - 1552
Count Günther XLI (41st) "bellicosus" (the agressive/bellicose) ; Brother in Law of William of Orange (Dutch Independence); married to Bill's sister Katerina von Nassau-Dillenburg. Served William in military capacity several times. died May 23, 1583
Count Günther XXI Count of Schwarzburg-Blankenburg (Thüringia) in 1326. See King Günther below. 1304 - Jun 14, 1349 Thuringia, Frankfurt
Count Günther XXVIII Hofrichter (Court Magistrate) to Kaiser Sigismund in in the Konzil zu Konstanz (Conference of Constance, 1414). 1414 to 1417 Constance
Prince Friedrich Günther Prince 1814-1867 1793 - 1867
Prince Viktor Günter von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Last reigning Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (as of Jun 20, 1890) and Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (as of Mar 28, 1909), until 1918, when the Principality was converted to a Republic. He and his wife, Anna Luise, Princess von Schönburg-Waldenburg, died childless in the mid 1900s. Aug 21, 1852 - Apr 16, 1925 Rudolstadt
Friedrich Günther Direct descendant of Prince Friedrich Günther's second marriage, died without an heir, Nov 9, 1971. He was the last known survivor of the Schwarzburg clan. ?? - Nov 9, 1971
Günther I .. XX Precede the better know Count Günther XXI, who became King (sort of) of the Holy Roman Empire 1100's ? -- 1326 ? Thuringia
Albrecht Günther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt ?? - Jan 20, 1634)
Count Johann Günther I Brother of Carl Günther, Count of Sonderhausen from 1570 ?? - Oct 28, 1583
Prince Ludwig Günther II of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Prince 1767-1790 ?? - 1790
Heinrich Günther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt
Ludwig Günther of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Jun 27, 1581 - ??
Friedrich Guenther Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1814-1867
Guenther Viktor Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt 1890-1918 Last reigning Prince (Pricipality replaced by a republic)
Gundhareus (or Gundar or Gunther) It is likely, that this is the earliest known ancestor of the Schwarzburg clan, whose predominant name was Guenther. He was mentioned in a letter found in Bonifacius' collection, penned by Pope Gregor II, who had said that Gundhareus, a property owner, had recently converted to Chritianity. 722 (when Gregor wrote the letter) Near Abbey Ohrdruf
Markgrave Günther of Meißen, son of Ekkehart (Ekkehardinger)

Ruled the Mark Meißen (in the Kingdom of Saxony) from 978 to 982 .
Markgraf (markgrave) originally was the title of a military governor of a Grenzmark (a border region of newly acquired territory. Grenz = border, mark = border region). A Markgraf had the powers of a count or a Duke. The Margraves of Meissen were later elevated to Fürst, which is something like a reigning Price.
Günther was reported to have died 982 fighting the Saracens in the service to Otto I (King 963-973), ten years after Otto's reign? Lots of these little inconsistencies exist in the historical books I have researched.

Gundahar, or Gunther (Gunnar in Nordic legends) Burgundian king in the Germanic "Heldensagen" (literally "heroic lengends"), which tells of the demise of the Burgundians through a family feud (Nibelungenlied). Gundahar (or Gundikar), conquered and killed by Aetius' Hun mercenaries. ca 413 around Worms
Count Günther XXI
King of the day
Musical Thrones, a la Hollywood!

In a hillarious battle for the throne of the Holy Roman Empire (covering a large part of modern Europe), at the time held by Ludwig IV of Bavaria, contested by Karl IV, elected as opposition King by four of the electors (Kings of the HRE were elected by 8 Bishops and Kurfursten -- the Electors). Ludwig still had support from the other four electors, had earned a reputation of military skills and refused to step down. When he died, his sons and supporters caused Count Günther XXI elected King of the Holy Roman Empire, to oppose Karl IV.

Karl had substantial political skills, and the support of Pope Clemens IV, one of the electors. He also put aside his skruples to use the support of Markgrave Waldemar (reported dead for the past 30 years). Conflicting reports have him bribing Günther with 20,000 Silver Marks to step down, and Günther stepping down because he was seriously ill, and combinations of the above. Günther certainly must have been ill, as he died a short time later. He abdicated on May 26, just 4 months after his election, and died June 14 of the same year at age 45. He is in the royal crypt (the "Wahlkirche" of German Kings) of Bartholomaeus Cathedral in Frankfurt a Main.
The entire Schwarzburg seemed doomed to die at an early age. The oldest Schwarzburg Guenther only made it to age 68. Type 2 diabetics?

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